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The Ronin S from DJI, is one of the latest breed of handheld gimbals. From everything we have read and heard, it is a formidable tool for cameramen and video producers. Although drone operators ourselves, we do of course produce video content on a regular basis for other production companies. This piece of kit will very soon join our hangar of must have video equipment.

A little something I put together from material we captured a few weeks ago in North Wales.

This week has been a challenging time in relation to the weather. We were asked on behalf of a renewables energy company, to conduct some drone filming of wind turbines in north Wales and some ground based photography and video for inclusion in a corporate video. I had forgotten just how far Ruthin is from our office in north Somerset! We decided to travel on the Wednesday afternoon and conduct some photography and video work on the Thursday, unfortuantely it was clearly unflyable weather conditions. On Friday we flew the Inspire X5 and managed to capture some fantastic material of the turbines and also some location drone footage of the surrounding countryside. Unfortunately, because there is an NDA in place regarding the footage, it is not possible to upload any here. However, here are a couple of photos that show quite clearly what wonderful countryside we had to work with.

Panavision has just released the Primo X cinema lens which has been specifically designed for use on drones and gimbals. They are hermetically sealed, weather proof, completely aerodynamic, and able to easily maintain a proper center of gravity. Primo X lenses come in two focal lengths primes – 14mm (T3.1) and 24mm (T1.6) – and one 24-70mm zoom (T2.8).

The department of industry has just announced this week a new set of drone laws. The rules will come into effect in a couple of months time. The laws will be part of an amendment to the 2016 Air Navigation Order. For further information visit:- heliguyblog

DJI have just released their latest bit of kit to the marketplace. The Ronin S handheld gimbal. Taking a brief look at the blurb and release video, it really looks like a very nice piece of equipment. Bearing in mind what you get in the way of flexibility with this gimbal, the price tag looks very reasonable.

Drone footage of Ellicott City, Maryland, shows the latest area to be hit with highly destructive floods and shows the devastation the area suffered less than two years after a similar flood. Executive Allan Kittleman of Howard County said his priorities were to immediately find a missing man and assess the condition of hundreds of damaged buildings in the area.

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