Back in March, on a cold wintery day, we found ourselves battling the elements to complete the filming of a two day corporate video for Windracers, a high tech research and manufacturing company of UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles) or drones if you prefer. Air-to-air filming and edited by your's truly, with David on ground camera. Here is the final version.

April 25th and the start of another week. Our next project will find us at Hinkley Point C undertaking drone work for their occasional media update report. Later in May we will be chasing racing cars on Pendine Sands in Carmarthen, but today, that gives me time to do some battery maintenance and sort my office out! In the meantime, enjoy this rather cool video I've just come across...

It's not often I'm lost for words when talking about drone filming, but my goodness, this video takes everything to the next level. I'm in awe at the pilot's skills!

Not everything bigger is better. Take a look at this military surveillance drone...


Although we have experienced a slow start to the year, the past few weeks have proved anything but! The spring season started with a commission to produce a five minute film about the research and development of some exciting new drone technology being developed by a Canadian company. The aircraft are built by our client but the software, which can allow multiple drones to fly autonomously across large areas, is being developed by two universities in the UK. The most exciting and, by far, most challenging aspects of the project was for us to capture air-to-air footage of the 2 mtr, fixed wing drones while in flight. To make the entire process even more challenging, the weather threw in it's penny's worth by giving us some pretty miserable skies, mixed with low cloud and poor visibility. However, in the end, the film is looking great and we are very happy with the outcome.

It's been a long time coming, but in some respects it seems like only yesterday when videos were being shared on social media showing the future of flying cars. It's now officially with us, the first certified flying car. After 70 hours of test flights and more than 200 take offs and landings the aircraft has now recived the necessary certification.

Yes, I know, it's a little late, about two weeks late, but better late than never as they say! So yes, let's hope 2022 is a better year for all of us, and for those who pray for good weather for their work, let there be plenty of blue skies and light winds. We have a few drone jobs lined up for the first quarter of this year, the most interesting will find us chasing a large UAV around the skies of Somerset. This will be a challenge, but a project that both David and myself are looking forward to. Anyway, not a lot to write about to be honest, but only to say, keep well and stay safe.
This week found us up in scouse land, or should I say for the less informed, good old Liverpool. To be more precise, it was Seaforth docks. We were asked to capture some establishing drone shots of a series of warehouses for an existing client, and also some general views of the docks themselves. The day went well as we anticipated the arrival of rainy weather and managed to dodge the showers. Once the rain arrived, we moved inside to undertake some manual drone flying of the large warehouses. Both the production house and the end client were delighted with the results.
So, another box ticked as we settle in for the winter months. Roll on spring!

2021 has been a busy year for us at Vistaworx. The first quarter was pretty quiet for drone work, which we have come to acknowledge over the years, but then enquiries start to increase from spring onwards. Having several regular progress reports in our diary takes the pressure off things. We have flown around new developments in Avonmouth, captured material for a new Channel 5 TV gardening series, undertaken orthomosaic mapping inside Exeter flight restriction zone and launched from vessels in the Severn estuary capturing video material of the new Severn Crossing bridge. It's also been an exciting time for the launch of new drones. DJI are about to release the highly anticipated Mavic 3 (https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/dji-mavic-3-pro) which has some very interesting specifications, not least a 21Mp, micro four thirds sensor, plus many additional benefits over it's predecessors. With 2022 looming, it will be interesting to see what a new year brings to us all. Fingers crossed that it will be the start of something new and will be the start of a turning tide on covid. Stay safe.