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We were recently asked, in addition to drone filming, if we produced promotional videos, and yes, of course we do! It's just that not everyone is aware of this fact. With our experience in TV camerawork, we relish any job that involves a challenge. Such a project appeared a few weeks ago when we were asked by the RAC to produce a short promotional video of the Rally of the Tests 2018 at the RAC HQ in Bradley Stoke, Bristol. It was going to be a promotional piece, rather than some boring, scripted business video, so I could use my imagination in the edit. This was definitely 'up my street'.
I suggested that the film was music driven, that way it would add to the excitement of the subject matter and engage the viewer, besides, I love editing fast paced action to music!

Almost a hundred classic cars embarked on one of the most gruelling car rallies in the world when the
RAC Rally of the Tests started on Friday 9th November in North Yorkshire. Drivers and their co-drivers took on a multitude of tests and challenges including where crews had to arrive at their destinations as close to a pre-set time as possible. The rally is open to any vehicle that is built prior January 1986. The rally follows a 750-mile route from Harrogate through the East Midlands, South Wales and finishes at the RAC HQ in Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Capturing aerial drone imagery, in a congested area, can only be done legally if CAA regulations are adhered to. A congested area is defined as "any area of a city, town or settlement which is substantially used for residential, industrial, commercial or recreational purposes." To undertake a drone flight in such an area requires the drone pilot to maintain a distance no less than 50mtrs from any vehicle, person or structure not under the control of the operator throughout the flight. This distance is reduced to 30mtrs during take offs and landings. So when we wanted to capture an aerial photograph of York Crescent, with Bristol Suspension Bridge in the background, it was necessary to undertake a thorough pre-deployment survey of the area. We were lucky to find an extremely helpful and amiable homeowner who kindly allowed us access to his very large garden, in just the right position for us to get the shot. Straight up and straight down, and it was 'in the can!

Well, it's been a pretty quiet summer for us regarding drone filming, but in the last two weeks, the phone has been ringing continually! From enquiries for aerial construction progress reports and property inspections through to our latest video we have been asked to produce for the RAC in Bristol. All good news. In between times I have managed to squeeze a few nights away on the island of Corfu. With temperatures hitting 27c it is definitely a place I will visit again at this time of year. We flew out care of Easyjet and I managed to grab a really nice pic from the window seat, not long after sunrise.
Until the next update, stay safe and if flying, do so with care!

Thanks to everyone at Lovell Homes, and particularly Mark O'Neill, for choosing Vistaworx for their drone progress reporting. The project was commissioned on the Thursday, the task completed on the following day and the final video and photographs delivered to a pleased client on the Tuesday. I hope we have the opportunity of working with you all again.


Surf Life Saving New South Wales Australia this week commenced drone trials at nine locations, using DJI's Phantom 4 Pros and Matrice M600’s.
The machines have learning algorithms that analyse a live video stream that generates an alert when it identifies any shark activity. Twenty seven life savers and forty three life guards have each cross trained to become drone pilots for the program.

Life guards have never been able to conduct patrols from sixty meters above the water, moving at speeds of up to 50 KM/H. Kelvin Morton UAV Project Manager, Surf Life Saving New South Wales said, “This is a game changer in our relentless pursuit of excellence when it comes to keeping people safe on our beaches”

Interesting use of the technology without doubt. I hope the trial prove successful.
The Ronin S from DJI, is one of the latest breed of handheld gimbals. From everything we have read and heard, it is a formidable tool for cameramen and video producers. Although drone operators ourselves, we do of course produce video content on a regular basis for other production companies. This piece of kit will very soon join our hangar of must have video equipment.

A little something I put together from material we captured a few weeks ago in North Wales.