This week we found ourselves at Avonmouh, filming B roll footage for Friday Film Productions, a Glasgow based video production company. We were capturing drone shots of maintenance work on the Prince of Wales Bridge, better knowm as the Second Severn Crossing.

Good day on Wednesday as we completed an Orthomosaic of development land in Clyst St Mary near Exeter. Once clearance was granted by Exeter ATC. as we were flying in their Flight Restrition Zone, we flew our Phantom 4pro drone to capture multiple images of this 21 hectare area which took the drone on a 10Km trip.

Last week found us flying around the biggest warehouse roof we have ever been asked to survey. Individual areas of the roof were each photographed from only 45 metrs, being annotated with a large aerial photo orthomosaic that we captured with precision mapping software. The roof area was covered by 125 hi-resolution photo files. It was a massive task and we succesfully completed the project and delivered the photo files within 72 hours.

Thank you to Clare Ellman for a five star review of Vistaworx after we produced our first corporate video for Assura... "We found Vistaworx very professional to work with. Their camera work, interviewing skills, and time management were impeccable. Their work has helped us create a corporate video that we can use for years to come."
We recently completed the fifth in our regular drone progress reporting films at Avonmouth near Bristol. While undertaking the tasks, our client asked if we'd also capture some imagery of some of the major retail warehouses that are now present in the area. Needless to say, the Amazon building is probably the most imposing.

I thought I'd pop this on here for a bit of fun. I've just found this pic which was taken while I was working as a young camera assistant for HTV in Bristol. It's from 1980, on the set of The Curse of Tutankhamun's Tomb, in the Valley of The Monkeys in Egypt. It was an Amercian co-production and featured Raymond Burr, Eva Marie Saint and no less than Ian McShane who played Howard Carter, the English archaeologist and Egyptologist. It's a far cry from drone filming. Look carefully, I am in the pic somewhere!

This week we were out testing our new Inspire 2 with the Spotlight Pro option in the DJI Go app. This allows the pilot to concentrate on flying the drone while the drone locks on to a pre-defined subject, in this case, David in his wonderful Mercedes SLK AMG...

I've been working all week on our latest drone showreel, and I can't tell you how many hours I spent searching music libraries for the perfect sound track! In the end, we decided to stick with a track we used for our previous showreel, after all, it worked then so it remains to work now! It's a compilation of previous material editied with much newer drone footage from the past twelve months. If possible, I can recommend watching in 4k.