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We are the leading supplier of drone services in the Bridgwater area and combine the latest in drone technology with digital data capture. We can provide you with a cost effective solution for all your drone requirements, whether implementing an aerial survey or producing a short fly-thru video.

We have a dedicated, experienced team and offer topographical surveys, structural drone inspections, 3D photogrammetry, and a comprehensive digital imaging package. Recent projects have included capturing aerial video material at Hinkley Point C for EDF in Bridgwater, and providing offshore LIDAR and photogrammetric captured datasets. So whatever your needs, we provide a single point solution for all your aerial imaging requirements.

We are CAA approved drone operators and carry full, third party liability insurance on all jobs. In addition, we are well versed with working in the construction industry and understand the relevent safety protocols that are employed.

We take safety extremely seriously and ensure all relevent paperwork is completed prior to the implementation of any job. Most areas of operation are free of any local air traffic regulations, but for the areas which have restrictions, we make contact with the relevent authorities and ensure any necessary permissions are sought.

We normally work as a two man crew, except in certain circumstances, ensuring safety is maintained throughout all projects. The safety of those immediately involved with drone work and others surrounding the task area always remains a priority.

We worked with Vistaworx on our project at the Severn Bridge River crossing. It's a sensitive site and most of the aerial filming had to take
place over the water. The results were spectacular." _ Adam Thorpe​​​​

"Vistaworx adheres to the most stringent of safety standards,
this gives me and my clients complete peace of mind." _ Tony Cobley.

"The site staff were extremely impressed with Vistaworx' planning,
health & safety," _ David Hayward.

"Vistaworx identified appropriate take off sites to meet health & safety requirements. Communication before and during the shoot was superb, ensuring they met the brief and forewarning of any potential issues regards weather conditions etc." _ Justin Reeve