Vistaworx combines drone technology with innovative use of digital imaging to provide our clients with a wide range of high quality drone surveying and inspection services. We have a dedicated, experienced team and in collaboration with our clients, we provide solutions to solve everyday business problems.


Surveys & Digital Terrain Mapping

We have a dedicated, experienced team and offer Digital Terrain Mapping, LiDar data acquisition, structural drone inspections and a comprehensive digital imaging package.

Recent projects have included capturing both offshore LIDAR and photogrammetric datasets for a major construction company and aerial imaging material at Hinkley Point C for EDF in Bridgwater.

Using our dedicated RPA in conjunction with GPS receivers and GCPs we provide GSDs as low as 1cm with centimetre GPS accuracy.

Progresss Reports
Maintaining a regular
drone progress report of construction activity can be an important part of a project. It can provide detailed first-person-views of different details on the site including structural integrity, overall aesthetics or even if something has not been installed correctly.

With regular
drone reports it's an easy option for CEOs, directors, managers and investors to maintain a healthy check on construction progress without the need to undertake regular site visits. It also means you will have an archive of material should you need such material anytime in the future.

drone surveys can provide you with the all the necessary information that can keep a project on track at every point in it's progress.

Property Inspections

At Vistaworx we provide an effective and inexpensive drone property inspection service. We follow the safest protocols, allowing us to capture first hand data with the knowledge that the inspection can be carried out fully mitigating any safety concerns.

We work as a two man operation and can fly at a close enough distance allowing us to get HD close up shots in video or capture high resolution photographs.