​​​​​​​About Vistaworx

Howard Rockliffe, owner/operator, formed Vistaworx in the autumn of 2014. Since then we have been involved with a large number of drone projects, ranging from aerial photography for many types of businesses and applications, such as marketing and sales material, through to TV production and aerial surveying for contractors at Hinkley Point C, We have built a well deserved reputation for quality work and value and continue to focus on creating effective, good relationships with our clients with the aim of delivering only the finest service.

Our commitment in delivering the highest quality support to our customers makes us one of the leading suppliers of drone services in the South West.

Howard Rockliffe: Owner/Pilot & Cinematographer, CAA Approved, RPQ-s qualified
After a lifetime passion for aviation and being bitten by the idea of aeial filming, Howard started Vistaworx in the autumn of 2014. He is a former TV cameraman and commercial photographer with more than 30 years experience and has worked for many established companies including the BBC, ITV, Sky, Channel 4, and the Discovery Channel. Projects have taken him to many places across the globe and he has accrued in excess of 140 hours+ experience flying various types of drones, including the S1000 heavy lift octocopter,


David Hart: Pilot & Cinematographer, CAA Approved, BNUC qualified

​​​​​​David's career spans more than 25 years as a TV cameraman, filming a vast array of programmes for the BBC. He also has a wealth of knowledge in post production and has accrued more than 100 hours airtime. David often teams up with Howard when there is a requirement for dual flying. Having a two man drone operation brings with it a new set of disciplines, which in turn provides clients with an excellent opportunity to capture drone material not always possible with a single operator.

All UK, commercial drone pilots must have the relevent training certification, CAA permissions and public liability insurance. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, ask the operator, as any approved drone pilot should be happy to show you their relevant certification and approvals.​

Hiring a non approved drone operator can be foolhardy. If they do not have the relevent certification, then they will not have the relevent public liability insurance.

Vistaworx carries up to £5,000,000 public liability insurance and has full RPQ-s certification and CAA Operational Authorisation (previously PfCO) We also carry full night time permissions with CAA approval, allowing us to fly at any time throughout a 24 hour period.

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