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Foxtech’s GAIA 160 Hybrid is a next generation UAV which can fly up to 6 hours and lift payloads up to 17.6 lbs. The secret behind this hexacopter’s long flight time is a mixture of lipo batteries and a built-in 2000w generator which sustains the batteries. This is called a hybrid drone because the generator is fueled by gasoline for cars! With a wheelbase that measures about 62 inches and a standing height of 2.62 feet, this multicopter is more like a mini helicopter. Foxtech is making a name for themselves with this new hybrid drone. The GAIA 160 was first released as an agriculture drone, but the flight time and high payload capacity soon gave the hexacopter a new purpose and model. The hybrid drone can carry a professional RED camera and fly over 1 hour with no problem! If needed, a parachute can also be mounted onto this hexacopter. Long range mapping, property inspections, logistics, photography, and videography are only some of this drone’s capabilities. With the ability to carry a heavy payload for an unprecedented time, this drone can be used for multiple applications.