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I am very happy to share this glowing review from a client of our's, David Hayward at Odd Man Out Productions:

We were commissioned to produce several films for a major building project at one of the UK’s leading universities. Being a large campus, it was very clear that an aerial shoot was going to be a must to get across the scale of the works. Deciding to use a UAV rather than a helicopter, we spent a lot of time contacting various drone companies trying to find someone suitable. What became apparent very quickly was the same conversation happening over and again, they had all the latest kit, had the licences and could fly the drone but couldn’t envisage or frame a shot.

On contacting Vistaworx I was pleasantly surprised to start the conversation with what and how we were filming, the mood of the film and how we saw the aerial shots fitting into the final films. Howard, having a successful career as a professional TV cameraman, was able to talk our language and explain exactly how the shots would look on film. We were able to discuss in detail how a shot would, or in some cases wouldn’t, work when put together with the ground based footage. On the shoot day Howard and his colleague worked very quickly and competently, at some points in very difficult areas and situations. Having to work around a fully operational university, where some flight paths and shots were not possible on safety grounds, the Vistaworx team very quickly came up with alternatives and solutions that still fitted the brief.

The university’s site staff were extremely impressed with Vistaworx' planning, health & safety, ability to work around a very busy campus and for us getting amazing shots. Our client was very happy with the final films and especially the aerial filming. Thanks guys, we will definitely be in contact again!

David Hayward
Production Coordinator.