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At Vistaworx, we are a small team of enthusiastic, friendly guys, dedicated to offering the finest service to our customers. We provide a specialist solution and ensure that the right operator for the job is used on all projects. Howard's 25 years experience in the field of TV camerawork and commercial photography is often partnered with imaging projects, while Alex's field of expertise is partnered with projects involving 3d photogrammetry and Lidar data capture. This approach ensures we provide the right specialist drone operator for any particular project.

Vistaworx carries £5,000,000 public liability insurance and has full RPQ-s certification and CAA PfCO (Permissions for Commercial Operation)

Note: Employing a non approved, unlicensed drone operator without insurance is not only dangerous, but also illegal. All UK pilots must have the relevant training certification, CAA permissions and public liability insurance. If you are in any doubt whatsoever, ask the operator, as any approved operator should be happy to show you their relevant certification and approvals.​

Howard Rockliffe UAV pilot

​Howard Rockliffe:
chief pilot & cinematographer, RPQ-s qualified / CAA approved.

Howard's experience is extensive. He has travelled the world in his capacity both as a TV cameraman and
photographer and has filmed TV dramas, commercials and documentaries entailing much air to air filming.
He has also produced work for corporate clients such as Barclaycard, Somerfield, Oxford Instruments,
English Heritage and the Countryside Agency. Howard is also a commercial photographer.

David Hart:
pilot & cinematographer, BNUC qualified / CAA approved.

David's career spans more than 25 years as a TV cameraman, filming a vast array of programmes for the BBC.
He has a wealth of knowledge in post production and is well versed in shooting Cinema DNG Raw footage
with the Inspire X5Raw camera. In particular, David's piloting skills are used when we are commissioned for any project requiring a two man operation and coupled with Howard's camera operating skills. Having a two man drone operation brings with it a new set of disciplines, which in turn provides clients with an excellent opportunity to capture material not always possible with a single operator.

Alex Oldfield:
pilot & technical project co-ordinator, BNUC qualified / CAA approved.

Alex is an extremely proficient pilot and a highly regarded member of the Vistaworx team. His speciality
is in flying the S1000 heavy lift octocopter, which provides an aerial platform for capturing highly accurate Lidar data. In addition, his skills also extend to many aspects of industrial inspection work, topographical surveys
and 3D photogrammetry.

Marcin Bogdanski flight engineer

Marcin Bogdanski:
flight technician & pilot, RPQ-s qualified / CAA approved

We are very happy to have someone with such a wealth of experience taking care of our aircraft. Marcin,
who also runs Drone X, provides complete technical support for all our UAV operations. With more than
10 years experience in robotic systems design and development and a fully equipped specialist lab, he is
making sure that our UAVs are built and maintained to the highest standards to ensure complete safety
and reliability.